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Chryslers/Dodge numbers:  
Round Ribbed    
10 line
13 line
Round smooth
Flat 6 Ribbed
DPF Systems
Import Numbers and specials:
Toyota Numbers        
Forerunner specials
Hyundai Numbers        
Kia Numbers        
Special Honda's
Ford numbers and special grades:
Special High domestic
High Domestic         
Regular Domestic        
Low Domestic        
Special High Pre        
New Pre        
Low Pre       
Torpedo Numbers
GM/Oldsmobile/Pontiac numbers:
Large Breadloaf                                     
6.0 Pill                                                    
Small Flow                                            
Large Flow                                             
Small Breadloaf                                        
Special Square                                        
Cadillac Catera                                        
Some of the
Makes and Models we Cover!
Helping you buy and sell scrap catalytic converters for over 4 years!
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Disclaimer: The prices contained in "The Book of Numbers Plus" will not always be absolute depending on your circumstances. While the numbers we include are the staple prices
considered by the majority of the scrap catalytic converter buying and selling community there will always be exceptions. We do not guarantee success or gain in the field but we can
promise you that we are equipping you with knowledge you need and our unconditional support and guidance. We are loyal and committed to all our valued customers!
The Book of Numbers
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