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The information contained in this guide, “Scrap Catalytic Converter Guide Numbers Plus”,
have been comprised from over 9 years of extensive research. The research performed
involved direct communication with seasoned and experienced buyers, sellers and refiners
who have purchased, sold and processed thousands of scrap catalytic converters. The
numbers contained in this book are currently in use by many buyers and sellers, simply
because, many have been forced to change their buying platform to grading by numbers to
ensure that they receive a more accurate grade. .“Numbers Plus” was solely comprised to
equip the buyer, seller and refiner with a reasonable amount of knowledge that would
increase their bottom line. The numbers contained in this book have been affirmed by many
other experienced buyers, sellers and refiners. has over 15
years’ hands on experience in the buying and selling process of scrap catalytic converters
and have educated many and helped revolutionize the way converters are purchased and

"As with any research, repetition diminishes coincidence." attests that the grading and numbers given in this book
have not been proven by to be absolute. is not a refinery, neither is Scrapcatalyticconverterguide.
com affiliated with any refinery. is not responsible for any
lose that may occur from using the methods contained in this book. does not guarantee a successful or positive outcome when
applying the methods used in this book, the purchaser assumes all responsibility.
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